At your service…

WordPress Development

More and more business websites are now being created using WordPress. Because it’s one of the largest CMS/blogging platforms out there, it’s hugely well supported as a result. A great first-time website platform for SMEs or for a new businesses.

ASP.NET Coding

I use the ASP.NET application framework to build, test and deploy dynamic web sites and web applications. Building with Visual Studio 10, IIS 7.0 and SQL Server, provides you with a robust, reliable, scalable and secure platform.

Web Design

Highly navigable websites, beautifully designed and backed-up with solid Web Analytics and User Experience expertise. Also the creation of blogs, html emails and e-newsletters. Always appropriate for your business.


Good design coupled with excellent visualisation skills underpin every creative project. I’ve mastered Photoshop, and I can put Illustrator through some hoops as well. I generate great-looking, accurate artwork, fast.

Email Marketing

HTML emails are still one of the most effective ways of attracting and converting new customers. But creating a successful campaign can be tricky. The good news is I can help you to create a superb email campaign that really delivers.

User Experience Design

User experience design is now a fundamental part of any web project. Or at least, it should be. Websites that have been optimised for user experience can typically expect a 40-70% increase in conversion rates…

Coding Services

Going from PSD to HTML is a critical part of the web build process, and it’s one I excel at. Using valid CSS and XHTML, I’ll take a design to the web browser on a pixel -perfect basis, animate with jQuery and interact with the server via AJAX.

Pods CMS Development

I offer Pods CMS development to help you turn your WordPress site into a powerful CMS. Pods lets you add and display your own content types and provides greater flexibility than WordPress custom posts.

Project Management

Anyone working on web or digital projects these days needs to be a great multi-tasker. To to achieve this, excellent planning skills are essential, together with solid processes/working practices that keep everything organised and easy to update.

Creative Workflow

Workflow is not a term you hear so often these days, yet without a properly designed production workflow, your process could become unmanageable. This is where I can help…


Deft client management skills are an essential ingredient of all digital projects. I always aim for the win-win, and I enjoy enthusiastic feedback from clients and co-workers alike for my client relationship handling skills.


Having delivered 100s of hours of successful training in creative, technical and project disciplines, it’s a great service I can provide to assist on any project, or within any production environment.